Everything comes to an end – even being President

Satheesh Varadharajan

Av: Satheesh Varadharajan

Greetings everyone!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to announce that I will be leaving my position as President and Chairman of the Board at Tesla Owners Club Norway.

With an extremely busy day-to-day schedule, I’ve been struggling to get enough time to juggle my business obligations as well as important TOC work. I’m afraid it has reached a point where I just have to accept the facts and get my priorities right. On top of that, I’m also busy with new business ventures, that will need my full attention going forward. Those of you who know me, know that I’m used to having multiple things going on and thrive doing it. But I honestly feel like I’m doing the right thing now, not only for myself but also for you – our valuable members.

We have our annual member meeting, with board voting in June. But I will already be leaving my position by the end of this week (18). This is to allow my VP (Vice President), Vigdis Haugland Asbjørnsen⁩, to step in as head of the board before my full term ends in June. I will obviously not be up for reelection at that time.

I must admit and say that it’s been an absolute pleasure to get to know a lot of you. And many of you I already consider close friends and even extended family members. It has been a long journey and I feel confident that I leave you in the best of hands. You will still see me attending different events and meet-ups in the future, both domestic and abroad.

I am proud to have contributed to outstanding membership growth, having the largest membership base of any Tesla Owners Club worldwide, great support from our valuable partners, a good and healthy economy with steady growth, getting employees on board, and being part of something special in the making. Not to mention all the hours spent interacting with so many great minds at Tesla. Giving them valuable feedback, exchanging ideas, meetings, fun and interesting events, texts, and emails. And most importantly, escalating and raising important concerns from our members.

Thank you for your trust and support and for letting me lead this fantastic group of people all these years, in building what has become and still is, the largest official Tesla Owners Club – in the world!

I hope to see you again at some point in the near future and wish you all the best.

Best regards,
Satheesh Varadharajan

Satheesh Varadharajan

President (soon to be former)
Tesla Owners Club Norway