TOCN Ice track driving/Vintertreff

Every winter TOCN gathers a weekend (usually the first in March) to practice and learn more about driving in winter conditions, have fun, and meet fellow Tesla owners.

This event has become the largest of the year for TOCN, and each year more and more participants find their way. Mostly members from Norway, but also participants from other countries.
It takes place at Golsfjellet which is located three to four hours drive up in the mountains, between Oslo and Bergen, close to the Gol Tesla superchargers. The tracks are made on a huge frozen lake and are only open eight weeks each year.

Ice track driving is available on both Friday and Saturday, but the main event is on Saturday.
The participants learn through practice and instructions how to handle their own car in slippery conditions in a safe way. Through our partner Dekkmann, our participants can borrow a set of good Nordic winter tires for a few rounds to compare them with the ones they usually drive during winter.

Vår partner Dekkmann sørger for at deltakere på Vintertreffet får testet nye vinterdekk fra Continental


How can you too be a part of it?
We will normally open for reservations typically in December or early January, by sending an invitation per e-mail to all our paying members. If you, as a member of any of the other official European Tesla Owners clubs are interested in joining and would like a notification when the invitations are sent out, please fill in the form below to get the information directly.


Pictures from previous years:

More information about the event
Follow the Google Translate link to this article: TOCN Vintertreff/Winter Experience 2020

You can also read more about it in Supercharged Magazine #15 on page 67