CHAdeMO Adapters

Sometimes, when you are out of range of the supercharger network, or it enables you a better route to your destination, the use of a CHAdeMO adapter on a CHAdeMO charger is better. That said – it is not everyone that have a CHAdeMO adapter. Luckily, there is a solution.

In the map below you will find information about where and by who you can borrow a CHAdeMO adapter. If you click on any of the pins in the map, you will find the address or contact information. Some adapters are placed on 24/7 gas stations or at stores (red) for use at a local charging station where you leave a driver’s license or similar at the desk. Other adaptors are available through a contact person (purple) towards a deposit of 3500 NOK.

Bjørn Nyland, known by many through Youtube has donated many of the adapters, TOCN is through their charging fund adding adapters, and in addition, several persons are lending out their own adapter as well.

Click on a pin close to your preferred spot in the map below

More information here (in Norwegian, use bing translator):
Lading med Chademo
This page in Norwegian, Chademo utlån