About TOCN – Tesla Owners Club Norway


The club was founded in 2013 – originating from an EV discussion forum of enthusiastic soon-to-be Tesla owners.


It all started with a need for charging stations where no one had ever thought about driving an EV.
The idea was that if everyone paid a little share each, the club would be able to set up Type-2, 22kW charging stations at places where the members needed them, at shopping malls, restaurants hotels, etc. making business for the owner having customers there for a couple of hours, giving the EV owners free charging and something to do while charging.
Keeping the solution as simple as possible, makes it more likely that the charge station will work every time without hassle. The stations can be used by any electric vehicle having a type-2 connector.
Now there are quite a few of these TOCN charging stations around. Check the list and map here: Ladefondet

There are even a few TOCN chargers in northern Sweden. It is also possible to borrow CHAdeMo adapters at some locations around Norway: Chademo Adapters

The club now

The club had just over 6000 paying members in November 2020, and the number is growing at a steady pace. Members come from all over Norway. We have some events during the year, one beeing a national one, where we come together and spend a weekend driving, exchange ideas, news and have fun.

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